2020 Home Projects – A Year in Review

While this year was tough, for obvious reasons, we are grateful for the opportunity and ability to have completed several projects in The Arched Manor. Before we dive into a recap, we encourage all of you to sit down and write a list of all the things you did or accomplished this past year. It has been so nice to reflect back on this crazy year and end on a positive note!

Now on to the projects!


The Mudroom at The Arched Manor

This was definitely the biggest project of 2020 and we are absolutely LOVING having a place to take off and store shoes and coats when we get home. We wrote a series of blog posts from the design, to construction, to things we learned along the way and what we may do differently.

Refinishing Red Oak Floors Guide

Since starting this blog, our number one question has been about our floors and how we accomplished the white oak look by refinishing our red oak floors. We were excited to launch this guide to share all the details and also some helpful tip!

You can download the guide here.

Main Bedroom Redesign

With how much time we were spending at home this year, we wanted to put some finishing touches in our main bedroom to make it a cozy space. This blog post is our original design and above is a photo of what it currently looks like today. If you take a look at the design, there are still a couple of items we need to purchased and build to complete the look, but we are so happy with the results so far!

Refinishing a Console Table

On our bucket list this year was to refinish a piece of furniture and we love how this console table turned out! This piece was a perfect addition to the entrance of our master bedroom. Since taking the above picture we now also have a picture light (waiting to be installed) and a beautiful piece of art above it!

Check out this blog post to see how we refinished the table.

Mulch Dye

With so many outdoor projects and so little time, we looked into testing things that would be more efficient and also maybe save a little money.

Check out this blog post to read up on what wanted to test and how we created a 4-week analysis of how mulch dye compared to fresh mulch.

Check out this blog post to see the results!

Window Rot Repair

While we were fortunate to replace the windows in the back half of the house last year, windows for the front of the house were not in our budget then. They needed a lot of repair from the years of wood rot.

Here is a blog post on how we repaired the wood rot on our remaining windows. We also had them freshly caulked and painted this fall!

Installed Dark Gutters

Our 20-year old gutters needed to be replaced and we decided to switch the white gutters for dark bronze. Our followers on Instagram were about 50/50 on this before the install, but we love the classic look and we think after we showed the final pictures, our followers do too!

Read more about going from white to bronze gutters and check out some before pictures and inspiration pictures in this blog post.

Pantry Progress

Our pantry has been a work in progress since we bought the house, and we spent a lot of time this fall designing the final look for the pantry we dream about. This will be the first big project of 2021 and we cannot wait!

Check out this blog post on updates we first made to the pantry.

Read this recent blog post to see our plans for the new design and details on this upcoming project!

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