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Dark Gutters and How It Can Transform Your House

Dark bronze gutters look classic on a red-brick colonial home.

We stumbled upon this trend by accident when we were interviewing contractors to replace our gutters. The once white, now weathered original gutters in The Arched Manor were approaching their end of life and needed to be replaced. We originally wanted to go white again, but one of the contractors suggested that we consider dark gutters – he had been recently working on some high-end homes in the area and said that they all used dark bronze gutters. We immediately took to google and Pinterest, and were immediately onboard with the dark gutter trend!

The Arched Manor has a red brick exterior with white trim. One of the downsides of white gutters is that they show dirt and mildew, and get dark stains that are really hard to clean (even with a pressure washer). One of the big advantages of going with dark gutters is they hide the dirt much better than white.

Pro Tip: If you are replacing gutters, it’s a GREAT time to also get your facia repainted and repaired (if any wood rot).

Before we decided to update our gutter color, we did some research on the web and found several examples of similar-style homes with dark gutters.

When we originally heard about dark gutters, we expected them to be more expensive (white vs. dark bronze). However, the price is exactly the same! If you decide to go with dark, just make sure to also specify you want the downspouts replaced as well.

Here is a before and after comparison of our white gutters (before) and our bronze gutters (after):

Do we have any regrets with our dark gutters? NO! We love the look and the transformation it has made on our exterior.

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