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Roycroft Bronze Green by Sherwin Williams

Roycroft Bronze Green Paint Color in The Arched Manor Home Office

When it came time to build out our home office and choose a paint color, Roycroft Bronze Green by Sherwin Williams (SW 2846) was a no brainer. Let me tell you why – we knew going into the project that we wanted to finally commit to a “moody” darker color room because we did not have one in our home yet (with the exception of our Home Theater, but that doesn’t count), and because of the number of windows that would still let light in. 

We liked his color because it was dark.  But let’s be real, there are a ton of dark green paint colors out there.  The real reason we absolutely love Roycroft Bronze Green is because of it being a chameleon color. We wanted a super-dark green and this shade delivers. It is dark green in some lights, but can sometimes look dark gray in other lights, all while carrying a bronze undertone.

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    Roycroft Bronze Green Description

    The color Roycroft Bronze Green is part of the brown color family and has a mixture of yellow and orange. It is a warm color with a hue of 47 degrees.


    We mentioned before that this Sherwin Williams color is a chameleon color because it can take on several undertone colors depending on the lighting. In some areas of our office you can definitely tell there is green while in other lighting it looks like we painted the walls a warm charcoal.

    LRV of Collingwood

    The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Roycroft Bronze Green is 9.

    The LRV of a paint color is the percentage of color that reflects off of or is absorbed by the painted surface. 

    This low number means that when your walls are painted this color, they will absorb more light. This is why it was important for us to use this color in a room with a lot of windows and does not lack natural light.

    Roycroft Green Paint by Sherwin Williams in Home Office
    Roycroft Green Paint by Sherwin Williams on cabinetry in a home office

    Where is Roycroft Bronze Green best used?

    Roycroft Bronze Green (SW 2846) would work perfectly in any room you are trying to create a “moody” feel in. Some potential spaces include:

    • Bedroom
    • Home Office
    • Powder Room
    • Theater Room
    • Library

    It would also be perfect for accent areas and have seen it used as a kitchen island color. Other potential areas include an accent wall, mudroom lockers or a dining nook. 

    We used it in The Arched Manor home office and painted all the walls and trim (including baseboards, crown molding, and windowpanes) the same color. However, we did use different sheens on the walls (matte) and the trim (eggshell).  The only place we did not use Roycroft Bronze in our home office was our ceiling – we used flat white paint. In fact, you can see the color in its truest form when you look at it next to the white ceiling. 

    For some of our other favorite paint colors that we have used in The Arched Manor, check out this blog post.

    Roycroft Green paint on windows in a home office
    Roycroft Green Paint by Sherwin Williams in an office

    Tips before using Roycroft Bronze Green

    It is always recommended that you sample the color in your space before painting it in its entirety. Make sure to paint samples on at least two different walls in your room because the light will hit them differently. Also, it is important to examine a sample for at least 24 hours so you can see what the color looks like at different times of the day. 

    For more tips when it comes to painting a room, check out this blog post DIY Painting tips to save you time and money.

    Closeup of cabinetry with Roycroft Green Paint by Sherwin Williams
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