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Our Story

Hello and welcome to our corner of the web, dedicated to all things home renovation and design.

We’re John and Megan, the husband and wife team behind this labor of love. Our path to becoming DIY aficionados and self-taught designers has been as colorful as our home’s palette (just kidding, we are all about the neutrals), and we’re delighted to bring you along on our journey.

Together, we share a deep-seated passion for transforming spaces. It’s not just about a fresh coat of paint or new fixtures; it’s about breathing life into every corner, one room at a time. Through the years, our personal style has evolved, as has our experience in renovations large and small. Now, we’re turning the tables to offer you the insights we’ve gleaned, alongside actionable design and DIY tips that you can apply in your own space.

But it doesn't end there.

We also offer a range of services tailored to your needs, from personalized consultations to comprehensive eDesign, all the way to specialized Kitchen Design. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with clients across the United States to help them realize their own design aspirations.

Our own adventure took a significant turn in 2019 when we embarked on a project close to our hearts: The Arched Manor. This 20-year-old fixer-upper in Leesburg, Virginia, became our canvas, our home, and eventually, the catalyst for this very blog. What started as a documentation of our renovation projects in 2020 blossomed into a full-time endeavor, allowing us both to step away from our corporate roles and dive headfirst into Arched Manor. Megan took the plunge in 2021, and John followed suit in 2023, dedicating ourselves entirely to this venture.

We invite you to browse our blog, shop our hand-picked décor favorites, and draw inspiration for your next project.

Whether you’re in the dreaming stage, knee-deep in paint samples, or looking for the finishing touch, we’re here to guide and inspire.

Feel free to reach out to us with your thoughts, questions, or just to say hi. We’re more than happy to chat about your upcoming projects or ponder over your design dilemmas. Welcome to our story; let’s start creating yours.

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