About - Arched Manor


We are John and Megan, and we are excited to share our love of design, décor, and home renovations. We are a husband and wife team with a passion for improving our home, one room at a time. Over the years we have developed a unique design style and have done a fair number of renovations – we want to share what we have learned, give useful design and DIY tips, and allow you to shop our favorite décor and home items.

We also launched several services including eDesign, 3-D Rendering, and Kitchen Design! It’s been great working with clients all over the United States and helping them with their design projects.

Our first home together was The Sweet Suburban (#thesweetsuburban) that we transformed to be “our style”, but our growing family needed more space, and we needed more house projects, so we moved to a 20-year-old house in Leesburg, Virginia that we call The Arched Manor (#thearchedmanor). We now have more projects than we can count and are in the classic struggle of balancing work life, family life, and home improvement.