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Home Theater Seating | Couches, Chairs, Accessories And More

Oddly enough, this is a topic frequently researched that we have quite a bit of insight on. Transforming any space in your home can be a difficult task, especially if you aren’t sure where to start. We decided to tackle our own home theater renovation a few years ago when we ran into some foundation issues, and luckily we’re still over the moon about the results! We are finding more and more that a home theater or movie viewing area these days does not have to have recliners. There are other pieces of furniture you can find that still make snuggling up and watching a movie as comfortable as ever!

 Keep scrolling for some of the best pit sofas, chairs, and home theater accessories/essentials! The best part about these home theater seating finds is that they can also be suitable for a living room or even a loft area. 


Home Theater Seating | Sofas

One of our favorite things we put in our home theater is a pit couch. Now, you may be thinking that all pit couches were left in the ’70s – but you are wrong; they are making a comeback! A “pit couch” is defined as a large, deep couch that forms a soft “pit” suitable for multiple people to sit or lie in. This concept has had a bit of facelift, and you may see them referred to as “modular sofas” or “pit sectionals.” Either way, it is a perfect seating option for a home theater, loft area, or even a living room! 

We have two young children and have found family time to be much more enjoyable now that we are all able to cozy up on the couch together. If you need help shopping for the perfect pit couch or other sofas perfect for movie watching, we can help!

Home Theater Seating | Chairs

If you don’t want to all cozy up on the same sofa, there are also a number of oversized chairs and media loungers to choose from! Whether you take up the entire chair yourself or decide to share with one other person – these are some amazing options. These selections feature deeper cushions for maximum comfort and relaxation. It’s like being at the movie theater, but you don’t have to change out of your pajamas to go! 

White Chair (top left) | Grey Round Chair (top right) | Large White Swivel Chair (2nd row, left) | Beige Square Chair (2nd row, right) |  Swivel Chair (3rd row, left) |  Beige Chair (3rd row, right) | Grey Reclining Chair (bottom left) | Ivory Round Chair (bottom right)

Home Theater Seating | Accessories & Essentials

Now that you have established where you are going to sit, it’s time to get to the best part – the snacks! It is impossible to have a movie night of any kind without these accessories and essentials. Popcorn is an absolute must, and there is a bit of wiggle room when it comes to candy. These finds are the perfect finishing touches to your home theater and the best movie night ever!

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