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Best Dining Room Sets | For A Curated Design

Rug | Table 

Whether you gather around the table for every meal or it is only used for special occasions – you deserve a quality and curated space. When selecting the perfect dining set, it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to start. First, evaluate your space and decide how many people you want sitting around your table. Round tables are perfect for entertaining smaller groups, while rectangle tables are better suited for larger groups. Once you have evaluated your space and decided how many people you are expecting to sit around your table – you can focus on the fun part… centerpiece decor. Keep scrolling for a dining set and centerpiece decor inspiration – a lot of which can mix and match with one another!


Dining Sets | Round Tables & Chairs

As we stated above, round tables are usually better suited for smaller groups, which ultimately means smaller spaces. Smaller groups mean more intimate gatherings, and this is easily achieved when you can see everyone at the table! Round tables are ideal for serving family-style meals, as well. Whether you gather around the table each morning for breakfast or make several dishes to share for dinner – this is the perfect style for you! 

Dining Sets | Tables & Chairs

Rectangle tables seem to be a little more popular and recognized when referring to dining sets. Rectangle tables are great for larger groups and more formal gatherings – perfect for hosting the holidays! Another amazing perk of this style table is the ability to purchase with extenders, making even more seating room. With advantages come the disadvantages, and this style of dining set definitely takes up more space than not. 

For more inspiration, see our dining room style and decor below!

Dining Table | Centerpiece Decor

The really fun part of any room styling is the decor and centerpieces design – no exception! You can constantly update your space by changing this decor seasonally or for holidays. Greenery can create a beautiful organic and natural feel. Candles create a beautiful ambiance whether you are entertaining guests or not. Centerpiece bowls serve as the perfect catch-all for miscellaneous decor that may not have a home quite yet. 

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