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When it comes to designing a kid’s bedroom, it’s important to choose furniture and decor that will last over time. With the ever-changing trends, you want to invest in pieces that can grow with your kid, saving you time and money in the long run. From beds and storage solutions to timeless decor options, these are some of our favorite finds that will turn your kid’s bedroom into a space they love! Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, these items will suit their age and preferences. Keep scrolling to find functional and stylish bedroom essentials for kids.


Kids Bedroom | Boys

Creating a bedroom that reflects your child’s personality and interests is important, and choosing timeless pieces is key to ensuring that the space remains relevant as they grow. These are some of our favorite bedroom finds for boys that are sure to remain consistent as they grow up. It’s easy to adjust smaller decor over the years as their interests change, but finding versatile furniture pieces is KEY here! 

Kids Bedroom | Girls

These are some of my favorite bedroom finds for girls that are sure to grow with them! Again, it’s imperative to invest in high-quality furniture pieces that are both neutral and timeless. I love this pink storage bench at the end of the bed – it’s functional, stylish, and provides additional seating! This faux fur accent chair is the perfect addition to every bedroom! Create a cozy corner with a nice throw blanket, and bring some life into the room with a faux plant.

Kids Bedroom | Favorites

We wanted to make sure we had plenty of options available for both boys and girls, so here are a few more finds that are high-quality and ageless. I highly recommend investing in a neutral area rug that compliments any furniture or decor piece you add. I love this pink/neutral rug from Wayfair – it’s cute and girly yet neutral enough to compliment any decor style. This gold floor mirror is another piece that is essential for her bedroom. It’s a great way to add some dimension to the space and will always be put to use!

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