Must See Home Organization Essentials for the New Year

It’s almost that time of year… we won’t say “new year, new me,” BUT it’s still important to set goals for yourself. Life is busy, life is crazy, and life is chaotic. It’s no surprise if that shows in your home with things being out of place, never finding a home for all your miscellaneous items – the works. We wanted to lend a helping hand and help you get a jump start on getting organized for the new year! We have found the best home organization items for your kitchen, closet, and other areas of your home. 


Home Organization | Kitchen

The kitchen is arguably one of the most difficult spaces in your home to keep organized consistently. Whether you have littles running around, digging into drawers for their favorite snacks, or a significant other who can never seem to remember where the cutting boards go… there’s always something. We found and have included some of our favorite items that help us achieve some level of organization! 

Home Organization | All-Purpose Storage

Christmas is right around the corner, and with that comes an influx of so many new items to find a home for! Whether it’s toys, board games, towels, sheets – they need to live somewhere, don’t they? We have found that using baskets for storage throughout our entire home has made it MUCH easier to maintain. There is a vast array of styles, sizes, and aesthetics for storage now. Who remembers throwing your stuff in plastic bins, putting it in the garage, and forgetting about it for six months? There’s no need for that anymore when you can store everything within arm’s reach with the help of a basket or tote bag. 

Read more about our mudroom locker project, HERE.

Home Organization | Closet

Do you have a closet FULL of clothes and still have nothing to wear? You may need to pull everything out, see what you have, and get organized! It’s always easier to put things into perspective when you can see what you’re working with. We found some great closet hacks that are not only space savers, but you can SEE what’s in your closet. 


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