3 Reasons We Love our Black Interior Doors

foyer closet and front doors painted black

One of the most frequent questions we are asked, besides what white paint we have on our walls, is what is the name of the paint color of our black interior doors.

We both thrive living in bright and open spaces but at the same time, warmth and character in a room is also important to us. When we painted all the walls white on the main level of The Arched Manor, we knew we were going to have to do something to break up the walls a little.

Besides adding trim to some walls, we also decided a great way to add some visual interest would be to paint black interior doors in the color “Black Panther” by Benjamin Moore.

Having lived with them for a few years now, we have zero regrets and have been so happy with the decision for a number of reasons:

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    French Doors painted black

    #1 - Black Interior Doors Add Depth

    Black interior doors are a neutral color that will never go out of style, yet they can also add a lot of visual excitement to a space. You may even notice how other furniture, decor or art will stand out or pop more (even if it is in a subtle way) when your doors are painted black.

    They can add a lot of drama and impact to a room and even give the illusion of taller ceilings! Due to the amount of contrast they add, they tend to draw your eyes up and can be a focal point of a space.

    Painting your interior doors black is also an easy and super affordable way to make any builder-grade door look more expensive.

    #2 - Makes Your Hardware Stand Out

    After painting our interior doors black, we noticed just how much the polished brass lever handles stood out! We also noticed how banged up and dated our current hardware is (haha) and have plans of changing it out in the near future.

    Providing a dark backdrop to gold or brass hardware makes any lever or knob look elevated and classy!

    It is also not just brass hardware that stands out, we have seen so many photos of black interior doors with beautiful polished nickel knobs and levers and the hardware is just as accentuated.

    Upstairs doors painted black

    #3 Black Interior Doors Are Easy to Keep Clean

    As you can imagine, keeping your walls and doors clean with two boys is next to impossible. We knew what we were risking and getting ourselves into when we painted all the walls white. What we didn’t know is how pleasantly surprised we would be at how low-maintenance the black interior doors are. 

    They conceal all the dirt, knicks and the unbelievable amount of little handprints we have. It is even more helpful if you use a satin or semi-gloss paint finish, which is easy to wipe clean (even if it is less frequent) and can still hide imperfections better than high-gloss paint because of the lack of sheen. 

    Black interior doors
    Black bedroom doors

    With all the reasons we love black interior doors now laid out on the table, do you think you will try it?


    No, the color black is a neutral color that has yet to go out of style. People have been painting their interior doors black for centuries now and there is still a lot of life left in this idea!

    On the contrary, black interior doors are easier to keep clean! They hide all the knicks and fingerprints better than white doors and depending on the finish of your paint, are easy to wipe down.

    You can pair any finished hardware with black doors! However, we believe brass hardware pops the most against the darker backdrop.

    No, you do not have to paint the trim black if you paint your doors. It is a personal preference.

    The finish of your black interior doors is completely up to you, however there are pros and cons to each finish. A high-gloss is the easiest to wipe down but will show the most imperfections. A flat finish hides most imperfections, but is the most difficult to clean. The most common finish is a satin or semi-gloss finish!

    No, it all depends on what is on the other side of the door. However, it is important to paint the edge of the door the same color of the side of the door that is traveled through most.

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    About The Authors

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