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Mood Board – Bedroom

I have always dreamed of having a canopy bed, albeit the dream of it being a princess bed draped in chiffon is no longer on my mind, I still could see myself getting a good nights rest in this one!

Here are some details on the pieces I chose:

  • Canopy Bed – I love the classic wood on this bed, which is softened by the upholstery.
  • Dresser – To me, this is a classic dresser then can match several beds and will never go out of style.
  • Mirror – Speaking of never going out of style, a circular mirror.
  • Planter – I love the shape of this boxwood in the concrete base.
  • Nightstand – This nightstand is beautiful! I love the color, the handles, but most of all that it has storage!
  • Lamp – I have shared this lamp before because I love the texture and natural tone.
  • Art – You can never go wrong with putting a leaf on the wall – they are so pretty.
  • Beads – These wooden beads are a huge trend right now and I don’t see them going away any time soon!
  • Rug – I have also shared this rug before and based on your response, I think you all love it as much as I do!
  • Chandelier – This will be in my house one day. If I don’t say it here, will it happen?

I hope you all enjoy the design and I would love to hear any feedback you may have!

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