Kitchen Renovation - The Arched Manor - Arched Manor

Kitchen Renovation – The Arched Manor

kitchen renovation of the arched manor

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home – for our family, that is absolutely true! When we bought The Arched Manor, the kitchen looked like it was in rough shape. After several visits to the house, we realized that the kitchen had good bones – the cabinets were Omega (level 7), most of the appliances were high-end brands and still fully functional (Sub Zero, Dacor), and the general layout of the kitchen was functional.  For this kitchen renovation, we decided to keep the cabinets (with a few additions and subtractions) and have them professionally painted (view this blog post for paint colors).  The hardware was copper, which we primed and painted satin black. The counter tops and back splash were replaced with updated materials, along with the sinks and faucets.

We love a light and bright kitchen, so we knew we wanted white cabinets and counter tops, with other lighter neutrals, black accents, and organic elements to balance it out. We went with a white quartz for the counter tops (future blog post coming about that ordeal), a honed marble back-splash, satin black hardware (painted the existing hardware), a deep farmhouse sink (white of course), and stainless steel faucets. The lighting is a key element of any kitchen, and luckily for us all the elements we needed were already there – we just needed to replace them.  We used Cree LED Retrofit lights for the 6-inch and 4-inch cans, LED light-bars for the under-cabinet lights, and two matte-black and bronze pendants for the island.  We will be blogging about all the nitty-gritty details of our kitchen renovation very soon, so please subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram so you are in the loop!

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