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Living Room Mood Board – The Waldorf

We figured it was time for another mood board! If I am being honest, these designs are created very randomly. They typically happen when I come across a piece of furniture or decor that I love and then inspiration sparks! For this design, it was the chairs that finally came back in stock. 

Take a look at the design below and I hope it inspires you all as well! Btw, if you keep scrolling you may find a bonus entryway design as well 🙂

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    Living Room Mood Board

    I love the classic look of this mood board! In my opinion it is both timeless in design but also a room that can provide what I like to call “California Comfort” and can be family friendly.

    Bonus Entryway Mood Board

    I wouldn’t mind being greeted by this beautiful setup at someones house!

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    About The Authors

    John and Megan are the founders of Arched Manor, which is a passion-project turned business featuring home design, renovations, DIY tutorials, décor, e-Design, and 3-D rendering services. This married couple lives in Leesburg, Virginia, and is currently renovating The Arched Manor, a brick colonial house built in 2000.

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    Meet Megan & John

    Hi there! We’re a married couple with a passion for DIY, decor, and home improvement! We’re currently renovating The Arched Manor in Leesburg, VA.