Kitchen Favorites from Amazon

Kitchen favorites from Amazon

With all the additional time we have been spending at home, the majority of it has been spent in our kitchen (or in our mudroom project). We have really honed in on a few appliances, utensils and items that have made our lives a little easier or enjoyable. Check out some of our kitchen favorites below!

Iced Tea Maker

The first item definitely has to be this iced tea maker! If you follow us on Instagram, then you have seen a few stories of us brewing up a pitcher of this refreshing goodness (some of the tea we have brewed is pictured above). Ours is pretty old (over a decade old) but is still working wonders! When we brew our tea, we usually add 5 bags of black tea (we use Red Rose tea from our local grocery store) and about 3 Tbsp of Stevia in the Raw. We never add ice to the pitcher and instead add it to our glasses, that way if you don’t drink the whole pitcher it won’t get watered down.

Electric Egg Cooker

We were getting a little tired of having the same breakfast and lunches every day and were ready to mix up our protein a little. Eggs are always a great choice, but the thought of hard-boiling them once a week felt a little daunting considering we have never been able to master the technique. Insert this electric egg cooker. Let us tell you, it is LIFE CHANGING! This thing is so easy to use and the eggs come out perfect every time! Also, it does not just hard-boil – it can also poach, scramble, or make an omelet.

Yonana Soft Serve

We love smoothies over here and have a freezer fully stocked of frozen fruits and vegetables. This is another fun approach to get your kids to eat some delicious healthy fruit by making it into soft serve, no other ingredients added! It has been a fun treat to eat as the weather gets hotter and to make it fun for the kiddos, we let them top it with marshmallows or sprinkles!

Popcorn Popper

We have started a new tradition of a family movie night and something that makes it even more special for our kiddos is popping our own popcorn with this hot-air popper! We like that we can add as much or as little of butter or other toppings that we would like. We have actually had this for a few years, and at the risk of sounding snobby, can’t really eat microwave popcorn anymore!

Glass Amber Bottles

With all the additional time we have been spending in our kitchen, the countertops tend to get dirty pretty quickly. We have been on the hunt for a safe cleaner since our kids occasionally hop on the counters to help us cook or bake. A good friend of ours introduced us to the Young Living Thieves Cleaner which has all natural ingredients and it cleans our quartz counters beautifully and it smells AMAZING (contact her if you are interested in learning more). Since it is a concentrated mix that you add water to, we purchased these glass bottles and let us tell you, we feel so much classier as we clean! They are so fancy looking!

Here are some other smaller kitchen items we currently use and purchased from Amazon or are currently sitting in our cart:

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