How High to Hang Upper Kitchen Cabinetry

How to hang upper kitchen cabinets

The height at which kitchen cabinets are hung is critical to the overall design and functionality of the space. How high to hang upper kitchen cabinetry can affect the look and feel of the room and also the accessibility. 

The standard go-to height for upper kitchen cabinets is around 18 inches above the countertop. That being said, there are a few things to consider before you choose the height and install them.

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    How high to hang upper kitchen cabinets

    Considerations before you hang upper kitchen cabinets

    There are a handful of factors that you may want to consider when deciding on how high to hang upper kitchen cabinetry from the size of the overall space to what other elements are in the design to how they will be used. 

    Can ceiling height affect how high to hang upper kitchen cabinets?

    The height of the ceiling should absolutely be taken into account. The average kitchen height is 8 or 9 feet, but what if it is taller? If a ceiling height is 10 feet or more the standard height of 18 inches may not be to scale and you may want to consider hanging upper kitchen cabinets higher to fill the space above. Conversely, if your ceiling is shorter you may want to lower the height at which they are hung.

    What size are your upper kitchen cabinets?

    The height of kitchen cabinets can vary from 15-42 inches while the depth varies between 12-24 inches. Both of these measurements can affect how high to hang upper kitchen cabinetry. If you are going with a taller cabinet, you may want to consider lower so you can access all the shelves. Also, if you will be storing larger items you may want to choose a deeper cabinet versus if you are just storing glassware or dishes. 

    To give your cabinetry a more custom look, you may also choose to included a variety of sizes of upper cabinetry in your design. Here are a few tips to make your cabinets look custom for less!

    Pantry with upper cabinets
    Dry bar upper cabinets

    What size are your appliances?

    Your appliances can play a role in your overall space planning including how high to hang upper kitchen cabinetry. Will you have a vent above a stove? Do you have a microwave installed in your upper cabinets? How tall is the refrigerator incorporated in the kitchen design? You will want to make sure there is enough clearance above these appliances and determine where they are in relation to the bottom of your other cabinetry.

    The height at which upper kitchen cabinets are hung should be determined by the height of the ceiling, the size of the cabinets and which appliances are included in the design. Make sure to also consider the overall style and design of the kitchen and also the rest of the home or space. Take all these into consideration to ensure the height of your upper cabinets are functional, accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

    Are you having a hard time deciding on how high to hang your upper kitchen cabinetry or questions on your overall kitchen design? Let’s hop on a virtual consultation where we give you our input and help you make more confident decisions! 

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