Chandeliers with Lamp Shades

Chandeliers with lamp shades

Chandeliers are meant to illuminate large spaces with indirect light compared to accent or task lighting, which usually only provides directional light.  In our opinion, chandeliers with lamp shades provide a beautiful, diffused look that creates an elegant, yet soft appearance.  Also, to be honest, most of the time we don’t want to look directly at a lightbulb and a shade can provide, well shade – and a more filtered light look. 

When we were sourcing a fixture for our dining room and our home office renovation, we knew we wanted to look at chandeliers with lamp shades. However, the choice to choose chandeliers with shades or no shades is entirely personal preference and can change depending on the space.

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    Chandelier with lamp shade

    Shade Types

    When choosing chandeliers with lamp shades, you also have to consider which shade shape you want to go with.  The two most common shade shapes to find on chandeliers are empire shades and drum shades. In our opinion, empire shades are typically used in more traditional or transitional designs and drum shades are found in more modern or contemporary designs. 

    Now, to throw a curveball, the shape of the shade is not the only thing to consider. Some chandeliers have metallic-lined shades that can provide a more directional light (perfect for above a dining table) versus the diffused light created by fabric shades.

    Our Chandeliers with Lamp Shades

    We currently installed two brass chandeliers with lamp shades in our home and have been so happy with the character and elegance they have brought to our rooms. 

    Jane Offset Chandelier by Visual Comfort

    When we were working on our dining room renovation/design we wanted to find a light fixture that was both traditional looking but with an updated/modern twist. Also, because the room is so tall (11 ft ceilings), we also needed to make sure the chandelier was to scale by both length and width.

    The Jane Offset Chandelier by Visual Comfort Co provides everything we were looking for in a chandelier for this space. The hand-rubbed antique brass finish and linen shades provide a traditional aspect while the offset tiered placement of the lights give it a modern look as well.  When deciding on fixtures for the dining room, we also considered these sconces

    Dining Room Chandelier with shades
    Dining room chandelier

    Classic Ring Chandelier by Visual Comfort

    Let’s talk about the chandelier with shades in our home office. We knew we wanted these brass picture lights above the shelves (the same one we have in our dry bar) and needed to make sure we found a chandelier that complimented it. We chose a fixture with shades because, as we mentioned before, we love a diffused look and thought it would help to set the mood in this moody office. 

    The Classic Ring Chandelier is exactly as the title states. It’s classy y’all! It is bound to elevate any space with its refined and classic structure. It also comes in a smaller size and a two-tiered style (perfect for a foyer).

    Chandelier with lamp shade
    Home Office Chandelier

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