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Leading up to this Spring season, we tried to be proactive and plan out what we needed to accomplish in our back patio/backyard to maximize our use of our outdoor space. At the top of the list was a new outdoor dining table. Our old table was made with Eucalyptus wood and we never covered it or treated it. After three years, the wood was warped and chipping. When you can’t even put a glass of wine on the table because it is so warped, it’s time to get a new one!

Our old wood table was falling apart!
Warped wood, chipping paint, and splinters galore. Time for a new outdoor table!

When it came to finding a replacement, we had a list of criteria that we needed to hit:

  1. Our table needed to match our existing chairs (still in good shape).
  2. We wanted a warmer tone to brighten up the space. Our patio is gray, our chairs are gray, and having a gray table is just too many shades of gray for this girl (sorry Christian).
  3. Size needed to be proportional to our patio. Many tables we looked at were just too small for our space.
  4. Low-maintenance is a must! Who has time for applying oil to a table every year or painting every few years? Whatever table we choose must be a low-maintenance outdoor table.
  5. Long-lasting – Our patio is a highly used space for our family, so we needed a long-lasting outdoor table that we can use for years to come.

We were originally drawn to teak tables – they have a warm tone and hold up well outdoors. However, they do require annual maintenance (teak oil) and knowing our track record, that was not likely to happen. So what could we get that had the warm tones of teak but required little (or no) maintenance and would hold up well outdoors for many years to come? After weeks of searching online and comparing various products, we were fortunate to find this faux teak option at Pottery Barn. So without further ado, here is our patio dining area glow-up!

The large scale of this faux teak table works perfectly in our outdoor space!
Who's thirsty for some Rose wine? Looks great on the warm tones of the teak table.
Our new Tropez Faux Teak Outdoor Table looks great and will last a long time!
Even Mr. Pickles loves our faux-wood dining table!

This table was definitely a splurge for us – but we are thinking long-term and assuming this table lasts for 8-10+ years, the added cost now will pay off. The outdoor wicker chairs we have were purchased from World Market years ago, and unfortunately they do not carry them anymore. However, we found some similar chairs that are currently available. We also rounded up some alternative options on synthetic outdoor tables and white umbrellas (shown below)!

Faux Wood Outdoor Tables

These faux wood outdoor tables will last for years to come!

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Affordable Wicker Patio Chairs

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Affordable White Umbrellas

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