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We have two planter areas outside of our home where we have struggled to keep plants alive. The first is our front porch, where it has been a challenge getting a hose to reach all the way around the house (and carrying water buckets through the house is not ideal). The second area is the built-in planter on our back patio that gets full sun, which normally scorches any living plant we try to put there.  Also, between the trex decking and the sun reflections from our windows, the plants never really had a chance.  

Last spring we decided to purchase faux outdoor plants to see how they would hold up against all the elements. We went with boxwood balls for both the patio (size XL) and the front porch (size XXL)

We had some doubts and questions before purchasing, but figured the only real way to get answers would be to order a few and see for ourselves!

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    Our Faux outdoor boxwood Balls

    Can you put fake plants outside?

    This was the first question we asked ourselves before purchasing faux plants for The Arched Manor. The answer to whether or not you can put fake plants outside is, absolutely! 

    However, there are some things to consider when adding faux outdoor plants. First, depending on the kind you are using, they will naturally weigh less than any real plants. With this in mind, it is important to secure them to make sure they do not fall over or blow away. We recommend adding rocks, sand or dirt to a planter to make it heavier and less likely to topple in a strong wind. Also, placing them up against a wall, under a porch, or in a corner will reduce exposure to the elements. 

    Another great selling point to adding artificial plants outdoors is the fact that they do not attract bugs! We realize bugs are important to the ecosystem, but it is so nice to not have bees or other insects flying around while you are trying to enjoy a meal out on the patio.

    How long do artificial plants last outside?

    The length of time faux outdoor plants can last depends on a few factors such as exposure (ex. Sun, rain, snow, wind) and wear-and-tear. Not all artificial plants were made to go outside. One way to determine if an artificial plant can go outside or not is to look to see if they are UV resistant. Those that are UV protected will not fade as quickly from sun exposure and will retain their color and foliage longer. 

    A great way to increase the longevity of your faux outdoor plants is to make sure you are rotating them every so often. You may also want to do this more frequently in the summer when the sun is stronger. This prevents any flat spots or warped plastic (structure under the leaves). 

    Lastly, a tip we heard recently is to spray your faux plants with WD-40. Using this lubricant spray will work on repelling rain and or sprinkler water.

    Faux outdoor plants on front porch

    What kind of faux plants are good for the outdoors?

    If you are shopping for an outdoor plant, chances are there is an artificial version of it somewhere!  But beware – not all faux plants are meant to be outdoors (as mentioned above). 

    We would say the most popular faux outdoor plants are boxwoods, or a variation of it. We ourselves chose this for our front porch and back patio, and they blend in nicely with the surrounding plants and bushes.. They manufacture faux boxwood balls, faux boxwood topiaries, and faux boxwood hedges. 

    Other popular faux plant picks include:

    • Artificial cedar shrubs
    • Artificial grass plants
    • Artificial flowers
    • Artificial succulent plants
    Artificial Boxwood Balls

    Most realistic artificial outdoor plants

    Searching for the right faux outdoor plant for you and your space can feel a little overwhelming since there are so many options available online these days. 

    To help you in your search, we rounded up some of our favorites listed below.

    If you are still interested in other faux outdoor plant options, here are some of our favorite places to shop for them:

    1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9


    You can absolutely put fake plants outside! Just be mindful of whether or not they are UV resistant to increase their lifespan.

    Faux flowers can definitely be used outside. Keep in mind the material of the artificial flowers you choose. Silk flowers will not last as long as faux flowers made out of other materials.

    Add faux boxwood balls to planters to give your porch, patio or outdoor a timeless look!

    The length of time an artificial plant will last depends on where it is located and also what climate or elements it is exposed to. Check out our tips above to increase the longevity of your faux outdoor plants.

    Boxwoods are one of the most common faux outdoor plants. You can find several styles of artificial outdoor boxwoods including balls, shrubs, topiaries and even hedges.

    If you live in a climate or have an outdoor space where it is hard to maintain plants or if you are not home as much and are unable to take care of your plants, then artificial plants are a great option to give your outdoor spaces some life. To keep your fake plants from looking tacky, make sure you buy more realistic and UV resistant plants.

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