Preparing for fall with Perigold

Office Art from Perigold

Autumn is upon us- and with that, more decorating, hosting, holidays, and houseguests. I’ve
partnered with my friends at Perigold to talk all things Fall and how we prepare! 

Q+A with Perigold

Perigold prides itself on curating elegant, yet unexpected designs- what is the most unexpected item in your home? Where and how did you discover it?

One of our most asked about art pieces, and boy is it a statement, is the art piece in our home office. What we love about it is the scale. It is a large, beautiful piece that while bold, also blends well with the rest of the decor and really highlights the overall design. We cannot get over all the detail and the neutral color palette.

Image Credit: Perigold

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How are you feeling as the season changes and autumn returns? What kind of mindset are you in currently and how is that reflected (or not yet!) in your space?

Change is always good and we embrace every season as it comes along literally and metaphorically. We love the cozy and warm decor that comes with fall, our only issue is it always feels too short! For the most part, we do our best to keep our overall furniture selections neutral so when it comes to seasonal decorations, we are able to swap out some decor, pillows, linens, etc. All that being said, as our kids are getting a little older, we are learning to embrace the louder, statement seasonal decor, especially for Halloween – haha!

Image Credit: Perigold

As we are thinking about “vignettes”, what other small symbols or senses remind you of this time of year? What, to you, is emblematic of summer ending and fall arriving?

When we step outside on a late September evening and the air has that autumn-crisp smell, with a hint of coldness and if we are lucky, the faint smell of a fire pit somewhere in our neighborhood.  That’s when we know when fall is here!  Other indicators for us, in this time of our life, are all of the backpacks and shoes flooding our mudroom as a new school year begins.

Image Credit: Perigold

When dinner party attendants or houseguests look around your home for the first time, what design element or furniture piece is usually a conversation starter? What surprises your guests?

We feel truly blessed to have several character elements in our home that people comment on. The first being the number of arches in our home, hence why we named it ‘The Arched Manor’. A room that gets a lot of attention is one of our most recent DIY projects, the dining room. Between our new fireplace, drapery and all the furniture pieces (like our dining table from Perigold) everything is elegant, yet super-inviting (in our opinion).

Image Credit: Perigold
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About The Authors

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