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Our Window Replacement Experience

window replacement experience

This post is sponsored by Renewal by Andersen but we are sharing our own opinion and experience.


When we moved into The Arched Manor back in 2019, we knew one of the first things we were going to need to focus on (besides refinishing the floors) was window replacement. 

The back side of our home was in the worst shape and we were dealing with rotting sills, panes that did note work, and gaps in some of the windows that had hot or cold air spilling in as well as too many insects for our comfort level. We had several companies come out to give quotes, but once Mike from Renewal by Andersen came out and shared more about their product, we were sold. 

Let’s get into some of the details that set the Renewal by Andersen windows apart from the other companies we met with. Also, we have an exciting offer at the bottom of this blog that you will not want to miss if you are in the market to replace windows!

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    new bedroom windows

    The Better Way to a Better Window

    Renewal by Andersen is a full-service window replacement division of 119-year old Andersen Corporation and was founded with a mission to change and give a better window replacement experience. 

     These are some of the product features and reasons we chose to work with them:

    • The Material – Their windows are made from Fibrex material which is an Andersen-exclusive composite that combines the strength and stability of wood with the low-maintenance features of vinyl – WIN!
    • Energy Efficiency – The Fibrex material has amazing thermal insulating properties that help your home stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Not to mention it can keep your energy bills lower! They also have different glass options that offer unique benefits for heating, cooling, visible light transfer, and UV reduction (which helps to protect your furniture)!
    • Strength and Durability – Due to the material Renewal by Andersen uses, their windows are twice as strong as vinyl, and their seals stay weathertight.
    • Beauty – Because of the Fibrex material, you can get windows with a narrower frame which means more glass and more view! They can also offer a wider range of long lasting colors to choose from because of the material used.
    • Maintenance – Renewal by Andersen windows are warranted not to flake, rust, blister, peel, crack, pit or corrode. Plus, their windows are said to be as easy to operate after 20 years as the day they were installed.
    large arched window
    replacement window and door in our kitchen

    The Installation Process

    Renewal by Andersen breaks the window replacement process into four simple steps:

    1. In-home consultation – A design consultant will come out to your home, listen to your needs and help to create a plan to help meet your needs. 
    2. Measure and manufacture – Project Technicians ensure accuracy and answer any last-minute questions before sending in the order for your fully customized windows. (Made in the USA) 
    3. Installation – Their installers treat your home as if it were their own and clean up afterwards. 
    4. Customer care – A robust limited warranty is backed by a commitment to making sure your windows function as expected.

    Our Window Replacement Experience with Renewal by Andersen

    When we got started on our window replacement adventure, we had a couple of things we knew we wanted our new windows to include (assuming they were within budget). The first was to replace each double and/or triple pane window with one big picture window. The second was to have black grilles on the inside to give a classic “steel window” look. 

    After having no luck with the first two window suppliers we met with, we were thrilled when Mike, our Renewal by Andersen Sales Manager, informed us they were able to check all the items on our wishlist. It was a bonus to learn about some of the additional features listed above like the Fibrex material which is perfect for the dynamic climate and humidity that we deal with in Virginia!

    When we were discussing the grille options for our new windows, we were happy to hear about the different options that Renewal by Andersen offered. We decided on black “between the glass” grilles (in the smallest width possible) which has been amazing when we go to clean our new windows – so easy! After having lived with the black grilles for some time now, we could not be happier. They completely highlight the view outside and also at night, you cannot see them and it looks like one big beautiful window! Also, even though we wanted black grilles on the inside, our HOA bylaws required us to have white grilles on the outside (which is definitely better for our brick and overall curb appeal), and luckily Renewal by Andersen was able to accommodate that.

    After talking to Mike about the idea of big picture windows, we were both excited and surprised to learn that it was less expensive to replace our double or triple pane windows with one big picture window than it was to buy the 2 or 3 new windows to replace the original. Love when that works out! Also, because of the size of our large arched windows, if we replaced them with one large picture window, they would have to be made with tempered glass, which is much more expensive. Thankfully, Mike suggested an alternative where we “built-up” the bottom section of our windows so that we could get the size down to a height that did not need tempered glass. This literally saved us tens of thousands of dollars, all thanks to the expertise and guidance from Mike!

    family room window replacement before and after
    kitchen window and door replacement before and after
    bedroom window replacement before and after

    Speaking of saving money, after touring the home with Mike and counting and assessing each window, he was able to easily get pricing on what it would cost to replace the windows in the entire house as well as what it would cost to phase it out. This was very important to us to price out different groups of windows and doors to see what was within our budget for the first phase. For all the windows that were in “okay” condition and did not need to immediately be replaced, we were able to repair wood rot which has saved us some money in the short-term. 

    The part of our window replacement journey that we didn’t even know to ask for (or we needed) was the fact that Renewal by Andersen offers a full service experience. We appreciated that we worked with their team throughout the entire design, ordering and installation and communication and response times throughout the entire process could not have been better! 

    The crew that installed our replacement windows were super professional and surprisingly fast! We had some big and unique arched windows going in, but the team was thorough and also cleaned up after themselves each day!

    Overall, we were extremely happy with the entire design process, installation and performance of the windows since they have been installed. Window replacement is a huge investment whether it is one window or 40 windows and it is nice to feel confident in our investment since choosing to work with Renewal by Andersen.


    We are so thrilled to be able to share this special offer with you! Just click the link below and schedule your in-home, free consultation to receive the offer! 

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