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Turn Your Drill Into a Paint Sprayer – TrueCoat 360 Connect Review

Graco TrueCoat 360 Cordless Connect Blog

Looking to tackle a painting project but don’t want to break the bank on a professional paint sprayer?
The TrueCoat 360 Cordless Connect is a great option, that uses your drill or impact driver to power the sprayer.

In this review, we’ll dive into what sets this paint sprayer apart from the rest, how to use it effectively, how it compares to the Graco TC Pro, and the benefits of adding it to your DIY arsenal.

With its affordable price point, professional finish, and easy usability, the TrueCoat 360 Cordless Connect is a game-changer for any home improvement enthusiast.

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    Introducing the TrueCoat 360 Connect

    Introducing the TrueCoat 360 Connect, a cutting-edge TrueAirless Paint Sprayer by TrueCoat, designed to revolutionize the painting experience with its innovative technology and user-friendly design.

    Graco TrueCoat 360 Cordless Connect Unit

    The TrueCoat 360 Connect stands out for its ability to be powered by a separate drill or impact driver. seamless integration of advanced features that cater to the needs of both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts. This sprayer boasts precision control, enabling users to achieve professional-quality results without paying the high price tag of comparable paint sprayers. With its lightweight and compact design, the TrueCoat 360 Connect offers unmatched portability, making it ideal for various painting projects. Its easy-to-clean mechanism ensures hassle-free maintenance for continued optimal performance.

    What Is the TrueCoat 360 Connect?

    The TrueCoat 360 Connect, manufactured by Graco, is an advanced cordless paint sprayer that provides professional painting results with its state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic design.
    One standout feature that I appreciate, and that it’s higher-priced brother (The Pro TC) has, is its innovative FlexLiner Paint Bag, which allows for easy cleanup and quick color changes without the need for traditional paint cups.
    VacuValve Technology ensures airtight seal and no-clog performance, enhancing the efficiency and quality of the painting process.
    This versatile sprayer is ideal for home projects and DIY jobs. If you are a professional painter, I would opt for the Graco TC Pro, but more on that below.

    What Makes It Different from Other Paint Sprayers?

    The TrueCoat 360 Connect stands out from other paint sprayers due to its innovative handheld cordless airless sprayer design that allows you to connect a drill to power the unit. This provides unmatched flexibility and convenience for DIY enthusiasts and for smaller jobs.

    One of the key features that sets the TrueCoat 360 Connect apart is its cordless operation, eliminating the hassle of dealing with cords and power outlets. This not only enhances mobility but also allows users to reach tight or awkward spaces with ease. For jobs where you may have cabinet doors or drawer-fronts on the floor, you really don’t want to run the risk of having a power cord or paint hose hit your painted items.

    I have to admit that I was skeptical of this unit and the quality it could provide, but I have to say I’m impressed. The professional finish achieved with this sprayer is surprisingly descent, making it a preferred choice for those who prioritize quality results. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to use even for beginners, ensuring a smooth painting experience every time. If you have used other Graco handheld paint sprayers, this one shares many features with them and you will find it to be very familiar.

    How to Use the TrueCoat 360 Connect

    Using the TrueCoat 360 Connect is a breeze with our comprehensive step-by-step guide that ensures optimal performance and professional results.

    When you unpack the unit, you will find that it comes with a bunch of various accessories. Graco graciously sent us this unit to test out and it was not packaged for retail, so your items may or may not be different that what we list here.

    Graco TrueCoat Connect What's In the Box

    In our box we received the following items:

    Assembly was pretty easy and I always appreciate the laminated instruction card that comes with Graco paint sprayers. Yes, I have spilt paint on these before.

    Using Your Cordless Drill

    Connecting your drill or impact driver is fairly easy, but I do have some tips that helped me:

    For this job, I used my DeWalt 20V cordless impact driver, which worked well. This unit only has one speed, but you can throttle it based on how hard you squeeze the trigger. When spraying, squeeze down all the way to get full power. If you are using a drill with speed controls, make sure set the speed dial to it’s highest value. Also, if your drill has settings for screwing, drilling, or hammer drilling, make sure the setting is locked on the “drilling” setting.

    Once you’ve got your TrueCoat 360 Connect assembled and ready, the next step is preparing the paint. The paint reservoir uses a plastic Flexliner Bag to hold the paint, which makes cleanup really easy. 

    This unit comes with two Flexliner bags , but I recommend buying at least another pack of liners to have on-hand. Unlike the TC Pro unit we have, this unit came with an Easy Fill Funnel. I used this as first, but honestly I found it easier to just disconnect the paint supply from the unit and fill using the paint can – I can better see how much the container is filled without the funnel. 

    Also, when I used the funnel, it filled the unit a bit too much so when I connected the paint supply to the unit, there was spillage out the top.

    Using the funnel caused spillage when connecting the paint reservoir to the sprayer.
    Using the funnel caused spillage when connecting the paint reservoir to the sprayer.

    Once the paint supply is full, connect it to the sprayer and tilt downward in the opposite direction of the pressure latch. With the pressure latch facing up, squeeze the paint bag slightly to remove all the air from the bag. Close the pressure latch, switch the dial to the Prime setting (if not there already).

    Using a 5-gallon bucket, hold the unit so it faces inside the bucket, squeeze the trigger and let it prime for 5 seconds. No paint will be sprayed when the unit is priming.

    Next, ensure your tip is set to the backwards position and spray for 1-2 seconds. This will prime your tip and get rid of any clogs or debris in the tip. Flip the tip direction to the “spray” position and spray in the bucket for 1-2 seconds to ensure it is working correctly.

    Spray in the bucket first with the tip in the backwards position, then flip the tip and spray in the bucket for a second or two.
    Spray in the bucket first with the tip in the backwards position, then flip the tip and spray in the bucket for a second or two.

    When you’re ready to begin, ensure proper ventilation in the painting area, wear proper clothing, eye protection, and a ventilator mask with fresh filters inserted.

    To apply the paint, start with smooth, overlapping strokes to prevent streaks, and move in a smooth line back and forth. Clean the sprayer thoroughly after each use to maintain its efficiency for future projects.

    Benefits of Using the TrueCoat 360 Connect

    Experience a range of benefits when using the TrueCoat 360 Connect, including achieving a professional finish, enjoying its lightweight and portable design, and enhancing your painting projects with ease and efficiency.

    The innovative TrueCoat 360 Connect is equipped with a powerful stainless steel piston pump that ensures consistent paint flow and professional results.

    The versatility of this paint sprayer lies in its various paint tip options, allowing you to customize your spray pattern for different surfaces and projects.

    Its compact size and ergonomic design make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, whether you’re painting walls, furniture, or cabinets.

    Using the Graco TrueCoat Connect to spray a paneled wall

    Professional Paint Finish

    Achieve a flawless professional paint finish with the TrueCoat 360 Connect, thanks to its ability to spray in any direction, ensuring even coverage and high-quality results on various surfaces.

    What sets the TrueCoat 360 Connect apart is its innovative VacuValve Technology, which allows for uninterrupted painting by creating a stable spray pattern for consistent application. The reversible spray tip feature enables users to clear clogs quickly, ensuring a smooth painting experience. 

    The inlet filter mechanism prevents debris from clogging the spray tip and maintains a continuous flow of paint. With the convenient FlexLiner bags for easy cleanup and material changes, painting projects become more efficient and hassle-free.

    Easy to Use

    The TrueCoat 360 Connect is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. The FlexLiner Paint Bag enhances convenience by allowing for quick material changes without the need for traditional cups or buckets. The inclusion of the Strainer and Seal Lube further ensures a smooth painting experience by preventing clogs and maintaining optimal performance.

    Weight and Portability

    The TrueCoat 360 Connect by itself is fairly light, but when connected to a drill and with a full container of paint, the unit is quite heavy, and your arms will start to hurt after a few minutes of use. 

    However, its compact size and portable nature make it ideal for painting projects on the go, whether you’re working on indoor walls or outdoor fences.

    With a maximum working pressure of 1500 psi, this handheld sprayer delivers consistent and uniform coverage, ensuring a smooth finish every time. 

    The stainless steel piston pump enhances durability and performance, allowing you to tackle various surfaces with confidence.

    Spraying cabinet door fronts with the Graco TrueCoat Connect
    Spraying cabinet door fronts with the Graco TrueCoat Connect

    Affordable Price Point

    Despite its advanced features and professional-grade performance, the TrueCoat 360 Connect offers an affordable price point that makes it an excellent investment for DIY enthusiasts looking for quality results without breaking the bank.
    In comparison to other paint sprayers in the market, the TrueCoat 360 Connect stands out due to its competitive pricing without compromising on performance. This model provides great value for its price, especially considering its innovative design and efficiency.
    The TrueCoat 360 Connect also includes features like paint inlet filter and a maximum tip size that contribute to its overall versatility and ease of use. These components enhance the quality of the paint application process and ensure a smooth finish.

    Our Review of the TrueCoat 360 Connect

    In our comprehensive review of the TrueCoat 360 Connect, we delve into the pros and cons of this innovative paint sprayer, providing an in-depth analysis of its performance, features, and overall value for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

    Pros and Cons of the TrueCoat 360 Connect

    Our analysis of the TrueCoat 360 Connect reveals a range of pros to this unit. Please keep in mind we only tested this unit with paint, so if you are looking to purchase this unit for staining, your experience may be slightly different.  


    Since this unit requires you to provide the drill or impact driver, they can manufacture it at a much lesser cost, which is great for any DIY budget. If you own your own drill, chances are you probably already have a spare battery or two, which I definitely recommend you have on hand when using this unit. Just make sure your batteries are in good health – if they are weak or don’t hold charge well (common in older batteries), this unit may not provide the best results. Also, if your drill and battery are heavy, that would make this harder to use.

    You don’t have to worry about a power cord with this unit, which often times can hit your finished work and blemish your paint job.

    With the FlexLiner bag system and well-make, detachable parts, cleaning this unit is pretty easy with water and a wire bristle brush.

    This handheld paint sprayer does not need a hose and has a very small form, which makes it great for mobile work or small jobs where you don’t want to lug around a larger unit like the Graco X5 or Graco X7.

    As I mentioned above, I was very skeptical of this unit and the quality it would deliver, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The finish was very smooth along the panel wall I painted and on the cabinet doors too. For the price point, this unit delivered a great result and very comparable to the more expensive TC Pro.

    Since the bag is vacuum sealed, you can leave the unit as is for up to 2 hours without cleaning. Just flip the tip sideways and store upright unit you are ready for your next coat.


    When paired with your drill and battery, and with a full container of paint, this unit is pretty heavy to use and I found myself using two hands after about a minute of use. If you have areas up high that require a lot of reach, you may have issues with the weight of this unit.

    Now this is one of the cool features of this unit, but you want to make sure you have a descent drill and a fairly new battery that can hold a charge for a longer period of time. On the first coat of my project, I started to notice the paint sprayer not deliver smooth results and quickly realized the battery was dying. Swapping the battery was the solution, and provided a noticeable difference in the paint application quality.

    If your drill is prone to get hot with continual use (which is likely, since drills are not meant to be on for minutes at a time), you may experience it getting too hot, which would trigger a shutdown or worse, overheat the motor to a point of failure.

    Overall Impression of the Product

    In our final evaluation, the TrueCoat 360 Connect emerges as a standout product in its series, offering exceptional quality, performance, and value, making it a top choice for DIY enthusiasts (like us!).

    Do we recommend this product? Absolutely, but with a few caveats.

    First, I would only recommend this product for smaller jobs. Prolonged use of the sprayer may overheat your drill, and your arms will start to hurt if you use this unit over a prolonged period of time. Also, I had to refill the paint supply cup about every 2 minutes or so, and the refill process takes about 3-5 minutes, which can add up.

    Refilling the Graco TrueCoat Connect takes about 3-5 minutes
    Refilling the Graco TrueCoat Connect takes about 3-5 minutes

    If you are painting inside cabinets, this unit may not be the best fit for you as the unit is large and may hit the outside of your cabinets. A paint sprayer with a smaller delivery mechanism (like the Graco X5 or X7 with a trigger handle) may be better for that.

    Also, if you are painting an area like a tall ceiling or wall, you may want to opt for another type of unit that offers extensions that you can secure to the trigger.

    That being said, the unit itself has a great “bang for your buck” factor and is 1/4 of the price of the comparable Graco TC Pro. That makes it really accessible to DIY budget and home users that are looking for professional results without the professional price tag.

    If price was not an option, I would probably opt for the TC Pro over the TrueCoat Connect. The TC Pro can better normalize the power output since it has it’s own battery and connected motor, and the spray quality seems slightly better than the TrueCoat Connect. There are also more available tips that you can use with the TC Pro so you can better paint a variety of projects.

    What Customers Are Saying About the TrueCoat 360 Connect

    Discover what customers are saying about the TrueCoat 360 Connect through positive and negative reviews that provide insights into the user experience, performance, and overall satisfaction with this innovative paint sprayer.
    Reading through the customer feedback on the TrueCoat 360 Connect gives a clear picture of the product’s strengths and areas that might need improvement. 

    Many users highlight the easy setup and user-friendly design that makes painting projects a breeze. In contrast, some reviewers express concerns about the durability of certain components and the availability of various tips to better control the paint output volume and spray fan width. These varied perspectives offer a well-rounded view for potential buyers to consider before making a purchase decision.

    Positive Reviews

    Positive reviews of the TrueCoat 360 Connect highlight its Pro-Grade Technology, ease of use, and exceptional results, making it a top choice for DIY enthusiasts seeking high-quality paint finishes.

    Users have praised the innovative VacuValve Technology embedded in the TrueCoat 360 Connect, which eliminates the need for priming and allows for easy cleaning. The Quick Start-Up Guide included with the product (and laminated) has been commended for its clear instructions, enabling users to get started with their painting projects quickly and efficiently. 

    The superior performance of this sprayer, delivering smooth, consistent coverage, has garnered acclaim from those looking for professional-grade results in their painting endeavors.

    Negative Reviews

    Despite its innovative features, some negative reviews of the TrueCoat 360 Connect critique aspects such as TrueQuality consistency, durability, or customer support, offering a balanced perspective on the paint sprayer’s performance and drawbacks.

    One common issue highlighted by dissatisfied customers is the inconsistency in TrueQuality; some reported variations in spray patterns and paint thickness, affecting the overall finish. This inconstancy has led to frustration among users who expected a reliable performance from the TrueCoat 360 Connect. 

    Concerns have been raised regarding the durability of certain parts, with reports of breakdowns or malfunctions after prolonged use, indicating a need for improvement in the product’s longevity.

    Where to Buy the TrueCoat 360 Connect

    Find a retailer near you or online to get started on your next painting project.
    When looking for retailers to buy the TrueCoat 360 Connect, it’s worth considering major home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, which typically stock a wide range of painting tools and equipment.
    Additionally, checking online platforms such as Amazon or the official Graco website can offer convenient purchasing options, often with competitive pricing and discounts.

    Keep an eye out for promotions or sales that may further reduce the price of the TrueCoat 360 Connect. Before making a purchase, ensure to review the stain tip options and technical specifications to match your specific painting needs, and don’t hesitate to reach out to customer support for any assistance or queries.

    Best Places to Purchase

    In terms of buying the TrueCoat 360 Connect, Graco’s official website and authorized retailers are the best places to make your purchase, ensuring product authenticity, warranty coverage, and reliable customer support.
    Shopping through Graco’s official website offers a seamless experience with exclusive deals and promotions that may not be available elsewhere. Established retailers like Home Depot and Lowes also stock the TrueCoat 360 Connect, providing a wide range of options for customers to choose from.
    Customer service is a top priority for these platforms, guaranteeing assistance throughout the buying process and even after the sale. Purchasing from reputable sources like these ensures that you receive a genuine product, backed by manufacturer warranties and quality assurance.

    Price Comparison

    Before making your purchase, consider a price comparison of the TrueCoat 360 Connect across different retailers and platforms to ensure you get the best deal on this premium DIY paint sprayer, saving you money while investing in quality equipment.
    When looking at the cordless connect TrueCoat 360 Connect, prices can vary significantly depending on where you shop. Online marketplaces like Amazon may offer promotions or discounts that brick-and-mortar stores might not have. Some retailers may provide value-added services such as extended warranties or bundle deals that enhance the overall value proposition.
    It’s crucial to factor in shipping costs, return policies, and customer reviews when assessing the total cost of ownership for this versatile impact drill. Compare prices carefully to make an informed decision and maximize your savings without compromising on product quality.

    Recommended Supplies

    We recommend you also purchase the following products when using the TrueCoat 360 Connect:

    DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Impact Driver Kit.  This has two batteries to keep you spraying longer!

    TrueCoat 360 18F520 Paint Spray Tip Kit.  Has both a wide spray tip and a narrow spray tip. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The TrueCoat 360 Connect is a unique attachment that allows you to turn your drill into a paint sprayer. It works by attaching to your drill and using its power to spray paint onto surfaces.

    Yes, the TrueCoat 360 Connect is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. It comes with clear instructions and can be easily attached to any standard drill.

    You can use any type of paint with the TrueCoat 360 Connect, including latex, oil-based, and even stains. This versatility makes it a great tool for any painting project.

    Absolutely! The TrueCoat 360 Connect is designed to provide a smooth and even finish, just like a professional paint sprayer. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to achieve a professional look with this attachment.

    Yes, the TrueCoat 360 Connect is designed to be an affordable option for those who want to achieve a professional paint finish without breaking the bank. It's a fraction of the cost of a traditional paint sprayer.

    We recommend to only use this for small projects.  The unit is heavy and your arm will tire quickly, and the frequent changing of the paint reserve is not ideal for large projects. 

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