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The Holidays are here, and that means it’s time for dinner parties, ugly Christmas sweaters, and time with family.  In honor of this Holiday fun, we created three delightful gift guides to help you gift like a pro: gifts for the home, gifts for the host, and gifts for in-laws. Also, these three gift guides are essentially interchangeable – gifts that you buy for your home can be given to parents or hosts and vice versa. Regardless of who you are shopping for, we hope you find good shopping inspiration in this post!  

Gift Guide for The Home

Gift Guide - website - Home


  1. Ice Machine – Treat yourself to the boujiness of pellet ice. Whether you are making a cocktail or just trying to hit your daily hydration goal, this ice makes any drink delicious.
  2. Caraway Pans – These pans have been such a joy for us to cook with, and even more importantly, to clean! Also, they are non-toxic which is another huge win! 
  3. Acrylic Calendar – This calendar is both beautiful and functional. I love the brass details and also love that it is pretty enough to display in a high traffic area!
  4.  Ring Doorbell – Being able to monitor who is stopping by or dropping things off has been such a blessing. 
  5. Le Creuset Utensils – This kit is perfect to class up the countertop but also silicone is great for cooking and avoiding scratching pans. 
  6. Knife Set – This knife set has over 7,000 five-star reviews and is currently on sale!
  7. Glass Mugs – These mugs are both a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds! 
  8. Smart Plugs – Control your lamps, fans or appliances from your phone! 
  9. Mini Projector – Make fun family memories with special movie nights with this affordable projector! 
  10. Wine Glasses – People have been going crazy for these unique modern shaped wine glasses! 
  11. Solo Stove – These smokeless fire pits are getting rave reviews!
  12. Keurig Coffee Maker – This Special Edition coffee maker is perfect for a regular cup of joe or a fancy latte or espresso. Plus it’s easy to clean! 

Gift Guide for Parents/In-Laws

Gift Guide - website - Parents


  1. Coravin Wine Preservation System – This popular tool does it all! It is a bottle opener, aerator, needle pourer and wine saver! 
  2. Casaluna Candle – The clarity scent is the perfect combination of floral and relaxation.  
  3. UV Sanitizer – Kill all the germs and bacteria on your phone each time it needs to be charged.
  4. Wine Chiller – Keep your bubbly or wine chilled for hours! 
  5. Tile Small Tracker -Keep tabs on keys, remotes, wallets and more with these tracking stickers. 
  6. Yeti Mug – Drink warm coffee over the course of several hours with the Yeti mug. Comes in multiple colors!
  7. Neck Massager – Give the gift of relaxation with this shiatsu neck and back massager. 
  8. Decanter – Love the classy shape on this affordable decanter. 
  9. Le Creuset Casserole Pan and Lid – An amazing ceramic casserole pan that delivers an even bake which comes with a lid that can also double as a serving platter.
  10. Kiehls Hand Care Set – Nourish your hands with this set of three wonderfully scented hand lotions. 
  11. Cordless Handheld Vacuum – This compact vacuum is perfect to charge and keep in your car or office.
  12. Neutral Wrap – An affordable yet classy shawl perfect for your mother (or sister, friend or other female in your life).

Gift Guide for Hosts

Gift Guide - website - Host


  1. Nest Candle – A classic holiday scent on this highly rated candle scent from Nest. 
  2. Cutting Board – The round shape and wood accents make this cutting board perfect to display an appetizer or just display in the kitchen. 
  3. Marble Wine Chiller – Beautify your bar with this wine chiller. You can even use it as a vase for flowers! 
  4. Chunky Knit Blanket –  This soft, woven blanket comes in multiple colors!
  5. Olive Oil Set – A set of 4 extra-virgin olive oil and savory seasoning mixtures.
  6. Cloche – Pair this beautiful glass cloche with one of the candles from our gift guide for the perfect gift!
  7. Bar Set – A great bartender set to make everyone feel like an experienced mixologist. 
  8. Coffee Flavor Set – This syrup set is sure to elevate any cup of morning coffee.
  9. Wine Bowl – Love this personalized bowl to display beverages during a get together.  
  10. AD 100 Book – A classic coffee table book that is beautiful to look at and display. 
  11. Marble Tic-Tac-Toe – Fun to play and look at! 
  12. Bell Candle – 25% of the proceeds from this candle go to St. Judes! 

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