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When we decided to get a puppy, we started by listing out all the supplies we were going to need for his arrival. Based on our experience with our previous dog, a washable dog bed was at the top of the list! Our previous dog was a Great Dane named Mr. Pickles, and he was a big dog who loved to romp outside. When he would come in, he also brought a ton of dirt and pet dander with him and we would frequently have to wash the bed that he would lay on. 

Now that we have our new Great Dane puppy, Slinky, we wanted to be prepared for a dirty pup, which meant we needed an easy-to-wash bed. We just so happened to come across and they checked all the boxes (and then some)! Their dog beds are machine washable, which was our top priority, but they are also so beautiful to look at! 

They offer many different styles, colors, sizes and options to choose from and each one is just as cute as the last. It is so nice to have dog beds that match our décor and look good in our home.

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    Easy to Clean Washable Dog Bed

    Not only do the dog beds on have a removable and machine washable cover, the foam bed underneath actually has a protective waterproof lining as well. 

    This has already shown to be crucial with Slinky as we are potty training. He may have had an accident (or two) on one of our beds and the covers are so easy to remove and throw in the washing machine. We can then also use an antibacterial wipe and easily wipe down the foam liner on the inside, which also helps get rid of any lingering scent.

    Washable faux fur dog bed

    Types of Washable Dog Beds at

    We currently have three different dog beds from and can definitely see more in our future. We have the following:

    There are also a ton of other amazing products that provides besides pet beds. Some of these include:

     We look forward to our sweet Slinky growing into all the amazing beds we have for him! 

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    About The Authors

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