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We utilize the latest 3-D rendering software technology to give
you photorealistic representations of your design/space.

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3-D Rendering By Arched Manor


First, we will set you up in our online studio portal where you complete a questionnaire about your project requirements and goals! We can then discuss the details virtually on Zoom or within our studio portal.

Info Gathering

Then, we gather detailed information from you about the area you want to render. You upload pictures, diagrams, and measurements for us to reference in the next step.


Next, we begin creating your 3-D model and adding textures, products, and lighting to create an accurate representation of your space. Multiple revisions may be needed to ensure we get it perfect!

Final Images

Lastly, after you approve the rough renders, we will render several photorealistic images in jpg format and upload them to our portal for you to download!

Examples of Our Work

What to Expect?

The details you want to know.

Realistic renders

Our 3-D rendering packages include multiple photorealistic images of your space in three dimensions! Images are provided in jpg format and uploaded within your dedicated project space on our online portal. One or more revisions are included in each package, and we will work together to ensure the render accurately depicts your space! 

Furnishings & Decor

We have access to several large, 3-D Warehouses of objects, so we can usually find the exact products you need or similar products to use in your model.  If something needs to be created from scratch, we can do that! We will let you know as soon as we identify any objects that need to be custom and will give you the cost ahead of time!

Entirely Online

We are proud to offer our clients access to our Arched Manor studio online portal powered by MyDoma! This is where we will communicate, share sketches, pictures, and post your final deliverables. Everything is handled online in one centralized tool.  


Our render time depends on the project package you select and the complexity of the space. The larger the room, the more time it takes to create your model. However, our goal is to deliver a quality product to you in the least amount of time possible! Rush service is available (contact us for details). 

What Our Clients Have Said

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a photorealistic render?

When a 3-D model has textures, colors, materials, and lighting applied to it, it can be rendered so that it looks very similar to picture taken with a camera.  That is what is called a “photorealistic render” and we are proud to have the skills and technology available to provide this to our clients!  


I need multiple rooms rendered. Is there a Discount?

Yes! A 10% discount is automatically applied to 3-D rendering and e-Design packages when more than one is added to the cart. No coupon code required! 


How long does it take to complete?

It depends on many factors. First, it depends on the complexity of your space – rooms that only have a few items in it are easier to model than rooms with many items that need to be either imported from the 3-D Warehouse or custom built. Secondly, it depends on how quickly you answer the questionnaire and respond to our questions or requests (ex. measurements, inspirational pictures, etc.).  Lastly, it depends on how many revisions it takes to get the look you require.  However, in general, we aim to deliver your renders within 7-10 business days. Rush service is usually available – contact us for price and availability. 


IS interior design included in my 3-d package?

No, these packages are available only for spaces that need to be created in three dimensions. If you need design as well, we do that! See this page for packages and the included 3-D rendering add-on packages.  If you are not sure what you need, contact us and we will gladly help you!  


What happens if i need more than one round of revisions?

No problem! Any work needed after the last round of revisions will be billed hourly.  


Accent Wall

Ideal for one specific area such as a bookshelf, accent wall, or foyer table.
$ 599
  • A 3-D model of your space
  • 2 photorealistic renderings
  • 1 Round of revisions
  • 10% Off Multiple Packages

Small Room

Perfect for small rooms less than 100 square feet such as breakfast rooms, laundry rooms, foyers, and bedrooms.
$ 699
  • A 3-D model of your space
  • 3 photorealistic renderings
  • 1 Round of revisions
  • 10% Off Multiple Packages

Large Room

Tailored for large rooms between 100 - 150 sqft such as family rooms, living rooms, theaters, small kitchens, and bedrooms.
$ 849
  • A 3-D model of your space
  • 4 photorealistic renderings
  • 1 Round of revisions
  • 10% Off Multiple Packages

X-Large Room

The Bid Daddy! For rooms larger than 150 sqft such as family rooms, great rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and master bedrooms.
$ 999
  • A 3-D model of your space
  • 5 photorealistic renderings
  • 1 Round of revisions
  • Rendered within 8-12 business days
  • 10% Off Multiple Packages


Home elevations, additions, hardscaping, landscaping, and decks, this package can be tailored to your exact exterior needs.
  • A 3-D model of your space
  • Photorealistic renderings
  • Rounds of revisions
  • Render timeline depends on size of project
  • Add-ons available for additional cost: extra round of revisions, extended consultations, extra images, rush service.

Multiple Rooms

10% discount is automatically applied in the cart when more than one render package is added! Ideal for open concept floorplans or whole-house renderings.
  • A 3-D model of your spaces
  • Photorealistic renderings
  • Rounds of revisions
  • Render timeline depends on size of project
  • Simply add as many packeges to the cart as you need and the discount is automatically applied!

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Contact us now to discuss your project and figure out the best package for you!

3-d rendering by Arched Manor!

Why choose Arched Manor

3-D rendering is a POWERFUL design tool that can literally save you thousands of dollars. Seeing a space with furnishings and décor to-scale can assist you in identifying potential problems or space issues before you purchase. Most custom furniture stores do not offer returns, so knowing exactly how your space will look before you purchase is a wise financial move!

And, the process is simple. We gather information from you to learn about your space and your goals, and then we create a 3-D model of it that we render to look like a photograph. For our design projects, we always start with a 3-D model to help us identify what will and won't work in a space, and we encourage this service for any design or renovation project. Let us help you!

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